Silver & Blue Merle Miniature Poodles

Merle Poodle Puppies Available

Summer 2015

July: 1 Cafe Merle Poodle Boy Available!!!

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New litter of blue/silver merles due in August

  • 7/22 Available + R2G
    7/22 Available + R2G
7/22 Available + R2G
7/22 Available + R2G

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This website is an ongoing effort of showing the beauty, joye de vive and elan of our merle Poodle kids and adults!  They are fun loving, enthusiastic + rambunctious as pups; sweet, affectionate & energetic as young adults; and finally settle into mature & mellow adulthood with the loving poodle sense of intuition and poise you'd expect of a well-bred Poodle.

 We will continue to offer traditionally colored poodles in various colors and patterns throughout the year as well - so feel free to email me with your questions about any of our current or planned litters or visit them on our main website by clicking here.  Merle sired pups in merle and traditional colors available occasionally to loving pet or small breeder homes - ask what is available...                    

Most of our poodles are Minis in the 10-15" range, with the occasional oversized Toy or Miniature Pup available. Only a small fraction of a litter born actually carries the merle pattern - and we do not expect to offer a large number of these gorgeous colored babies throughout the year.

If seriously interested in news about new babies, pls ask to be included on our Contact/Update List; for Guaranteed Availability and first pick of new pups, inquire about my Paid Waiting List.

 Visit our adults poodles on our main website - they are not available unless specified on their individual pages. Available pups, teenagers or young adults can be found under the "Available:" heading. We are located in south east Georgia - and pups may be visited and picked up by appointment.

Safe shipping within the USA is available via Delta Airlines.

International Shipping is available as well to a number of countries. We have placed several merle puppies and adult dogs in European Countries.

Pls inquire about shipping costs involved, as they are subject to size of pup/adult + crate purchased, as well as on your location and any import requirements if you are from out of the country!