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  • Baxter & Oliver, AL
    Baxter & Oliver, AL
  • Pepper [PomaPoo] in GA
    Pepper [PomaPoo] in GA
  • Buddy, louisianna
    Buddy, louisianna
  • Chloe, N.GA
    Chloe, N.GA
  • Cupcake, Savannah
    Cupcake, Savannah
  • Nikki, UT
    Nikki, UT
  • JoJo, NC
    JoJo, NC
  • Jessie, CA
    Jessie, CA
  • BooBoo, CA
    BooBoo, CA
  • Joey, NC
    Joey, NC
  • Sophiee, SC
    Sophiee, SC
  • Koda, FL
    Koda, FL
  • Bosco, N.GA
    Bosco, N.GA
  • Pirate, Savannah
    Pirate, Savannah
  • Shirley's Boy, TN
    Shirley's Boy, TN
  • Pailey, Savannah
    Pailey, Savannah
  • Lilah, VA
    Lilah, VA
Baxter & Oliver, AL
Baxter & Oliver, AL

Bently in GA [Phoebe's pup]

Hi Sabine. Just an update. Bentley is adjusting very well with the family. The kids love him! Even after the first day of bringing him home, almost two weeks ago, things went great.
 He is doing great with potty training and is already walking to the door when he needs to go. (Now I just need to do better with seeing him do so) :-) I have attached a few pictures of him in this email. We couldn't be more pleased with having him here with us.
Thanks, Tunisha

Cyrus in SC [Kiwi's pup]

Hello Sabine, Sorry not to have gotten back to you before now. My boy is doing great. I named him " Cyrus ". His personality is all poodle and pretty much what I love about the breed. I love his looks and while he's alittle longer in the body than what I normally prefer in a poodle his color more than makes up for it.

I did have to give him a serious haircut. Living on a farm was getting him more baths than either of us liked. ! But it just made his pattern more vivid. I'll get some pictures for you in a few days. I want to thank you for working with me,he's an awesome color with a great personality and I love him dearly.
Linda M. and " Cyrus ".

Pepper in GA [PomaPoo Girl]

Good morning Sabine! Just wanted to update you on how Pepper is doing. We are definitely making progress with the housetraining, and mostly thanks to the advice you gave me. She now goes on command, and she knows she shouldn't go inside, but she gets confused and doesnt know what to do, running around in circles, LOL and then I have to rush her out.

We are very happy with her, and I can see the beginnings of a really good dog inside of that little fluffy puppy, I think she is going to grow up to be a really wonderful companion. Thank you again for this little happy addtion to our family, and for helping me out after we brought her home.

Have a great weekend!
I just wanted to tell you thanks one more time. Not only for helping me make the right choice of the two girls, but also for meeting me part ways.
You were so right - Beauty is the perfect match for me and she moved right in and made herself at home. She plays a lot, is very quiet when I am busy working, bounces all over the house when I have time for her to play with, and she only had 2 accidents since I've got her! I tried the bell on the door thing and she caught on to it right away - it only took her 3 or 4 days to use the bell to let me know she wants to go out. She is soo smart!
And I am meeting new people all the time - I am getting so many compliments for her when I am out in the front yard with her. I can't wait until she is old and big enough to take for walks! I am happy again. I still miss Old Miss Susie a lot [I will never forget her] - but then I look at little Beauty and she makes me laugh - and I feel so much better.

 Thank you sooo much! Marjie+ Beauty

Dear Sabina, you were right!

Thank you for helping me pick out the right pup for my mom. She still grieves for dad [of course], but having Mickey forces her to up and move and go outside with him. The two of them are inseparable and he is glued to her most of the time.

I am glad you talked me out of the white puppy - this one is perfect for her and loves to get carried around and being snuggled and cuddled all the time. Even when he wants to rough house and play he is gentle and affectionate and keeps checking on and waiting for her during play - it is hilarious to watch.

When I retire in 2 years, I think I want a Mickey for myself ;o) - I know where to go! Perfect pup! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Will be sending photos soon. Lia

Lia for Mickey
Mom and her sidekick

JoJo in NC

Hi Sabine,
Thank you so much for all you did. We got home with our darling girlie and she has been adjusting very nicely.
She is just the sweetest little puppy!!! We decided to name her Josette..Her call name will be JoJo :-)..It just seems to fit her. Tom is just in love with her and her with him..She did not want to sleep in her crate , though I had in right beside our bed, near my pillow, but she would not have it.. I didn't want a squished pup , but I allowed her to stay and I just pretty much stayed awake taking little short naps in between..She bit Toms butt during the night!!!! LOL! Just one little sweet bite:-)...He just woke up, laughed at her, and went back to sleep...She can do no wrong in his eyes:-) The rest of the night she slept right next to my feet( I kept thinking about that toe fettish thing, but she didn't indulge thank goodness, LOL.
Hugs and best to you ..Talk later..Leslie

Bosco in N.GA

Hi Sabine,
Pat and Joan here.  Attached are a few pics of Bosco.  He's absolutely teriffic - smart, funny and fast!
He's getting another vet visit and a puppy grooming next week.  Notice the brown on his snoot..  :) 
More later.
Joan & Pat

Remington in Canada

Hi Sabine,

Here are some pictures of our afternoon play time in the snow. We weren't out there very long, but he tired himself out so bad he is now sleeping on my lap as I type to you. My son and him are getting along really great too. Once my son woke up a little they started playing together and having lots of fun! Remington follows him around everywhere. Potty training is going great, he is fitting in better than we could ask for. Hope everything is good with you!


Hi Sabine, I'm long overdue in updating you about Millie [Milky Way]. She is a great pup and even now that she is almost 7 months old, is still as happy, uncomplicated and easy going as she was when i brought her home. My groomer is so impressed with her, and I get compliments for her all the time because she is really beautiful and also does not get tear stains either. We had her clipped short about 2 months ago and now the super thick curls are coming in. My groomer is in love with her, and I gave her your card and website address - she also wants a white one for when she goes on grooming competitions. Just wanted to let everybody know - if you are looking for a poodle pup that is beautiful both in looks and personality - get one from Sabine! I am very happy + pleased with our Milky Way!!!

Michelle + Millie
Hi Sabine! Just wanted to give you a quick update on our little boy (black Miniature Poodle) Gizmo. He's now 6 months old, and he's doing just great! He's a clown and a comedian for sure, but he's also a very loving and affectionate little boy, and he loves our cuddle-time on the couch. Also, I must tell you that he's very friendly with everybody he meets... adults AND children. When we take him for walks in our neighborhood, people are greeting him before they greet me and my husband! ;-) And since potty-training went so well with him, we've moved on to a few basic commands (come, sit, stay) and he's doing so well with them. He is one smart little guy! :-) Gizmo has been the perfect addition to our house, and nobody could ask for a better and more loyal friend. Gizmo's happiness, energy, and his sheer joy for life is contagious! Thanks, Sabine! Kathy & Rick in South Carolina

Kathy & Rick from SC