Silver & Blue Merle Miniature Poodles

Occasionally Merle Poodle Puppies Available

Merle Colors: Silver Merle, Blue Merle and Chocolate Merle

I often get asked what do merle poodle poodles look like when they are older or all the way grown.

Do the colors change, will the merle pattern change?

What is the adult coat like? Can my groomer do poodley poofy things with it?

What is the difference between a silver merle and a blue merle?

Why do chocolate merles often get lighter as they get older?

I hope you will enjoy the photos here in the 3 [actually 4] colors our merles are available. For more detailed color information please visit our main website


Silver Merle Poodles

Above and Below: same pup - a silver merle mini with one blue eye. Niko lives in Germany.

Below: a silver merle 6 week old puppy.

Above + Below: Jezebel - a silver merle parti girl with 2 blue eyes. She is an `Eclat daughter. She is 5 weeks in the top photo and a bit under a year in the bottom photo.

Above: a very fine patterned silver merle boy.

Above and below: a silver and blue merle sibling duo [two different sets of sibs]

Blue Merle Poodles

Above: `Eclat as a 7 week old puppy and below as a young adult. She is a blue merle miniature with two blue eyes. Click here to see more of her.

Below: a very dark and large patterned blue merle boy @ 4 months, trimmed short.

Above: Jumanji as a 6 week old pup, below as a 18 month old adult. He is a gorgeous blue merle male.

Above: Pirate [owned along with Cupcakes - a silver girl also from us, by Shannon the owner of TopDog Spa in Savannah, Pooler + Rincon]. Shown as a 9 wk old pup above and as a 7 month old youngster below. Pirate is a blue merle Lanie son.

Below: Lanie - mom of Pirate and several other of our merle pups shown on both of our websites....

Chocolate Merle Poodles

Above: a photo of the most gorgeous chocolate merle poodle we have had the pleasure to produce to date. "Indiana Greene" had big, large chocolate merle patches, mixed with silver beige, white, cream and caramel. A most colorful pup - I wish they all would look like this!

Here is another chocolate merle with smaller markings, but still very noticeable and visible. In addition to this, Remington had green eyes!

Above: A chocolate merle Electra son

Below: A cafe merle Electra granddaughter

White Merle Poodles

Above: chocolate pigmented white merle girl

Below: black pigmented white merle girl with one blue eye and butterfly nose.

Above: Velcro a white merle boy

For more photos of merle poodles go to: