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Enjoy some photos of our previous and current poodle children and adults...

Merle Poodles??? Why?


Above: Lanie  - blue merle Imp daughter

Nearly 7 years ago I had been debating, thinking and considering and reconsidering what I could do for our Poodles to become more attention getting, more special and how to build more safety into their future well-being. When you are breeding dogs [and happen to care about what happens to your pups when they leave you], sometimes you can't help but wonder and worry if you placed them into the right 4ever home.

 While a lot of buyers make good on their word to stay in touch, send occasional updates and photos, others do disappear due to circumstances beyond their or my control, forgetfulness or simply because they do not realize that even though the pup went home with them, it is still one of our Furkids - and we wonder where s/he is, how it's going and if all is well.

An ever abiding fear of mine is that one of our pups ends up in a kill shelter or gets dumped - no matter how well you screen your buyers - the possiblity always exists. With us shipping nationwide, dogs are a bit out of reach for many buyers to return if they cannot keep the dog any longer, even though we have a "Welcome Back" Policy for any of our Furkids, no matter the age, reason or whatever. 

I had been debating about changing our color lines from blue/silver to perhaps partis in loud and attention getting patterns - but then I came across Imp online - and I knew this was it. I had always been fond of merles in other breeds. I love the spotted pattern [as a matter of fact a childhood buddy of mine was a merle hunting hound of mixed heritage and this guy had left a lasting impression for me].

I like the fact that no two are ever the same marked, and I absolutely love the mystical [some ppl may say eery or the merle haters say weird or scary]  look of the blue or partially blue eyes.

I wanted a color that would give us the OHHH! effect and keep any of our  poodle kids out of a potential shelter situation due to that.

If by chance they would end up in a shelter  without being returned to me, I wanted to be sure that they would get snapped up by a no kill shelter volunteer or a rescue group before anything bad could ever happen to him/her.

Right: blue eyed `Eclat

Below: chocolate merle "Indiana Greene"

On occasions I may get some negativity from other set-in-the-color breeders - but I can live with that. I do not breed for the show circuit ---  I breed for emotionally and physically sound, fun companion poodles.

Poodles that are healty, long lived, bright and easy to get along with - if you happen to like lively poodles and intelligent dogs. Happy poodle kids for discerning folks, that want some pizzazz at the end of their leish, and love the extra attention a merle poodle child or adult creates!

Right: Murphy, a moon spotted blue merle Lanie son 

I have fallen head over heels in love with our quirky colored merles - even if there would be no interest in them whatsoever - I would continue raising them simply for the fact that they are simply poodles in a different color - and like all poodles have the smartest and most affectionate Poodle Personalities you can possibly ask for.

 They may not be to everybodys liking - but realistically - when you look beyond their colorful clown suits, they are simply intelligent [sometimes a bit too smart for their own good, LOL], but mainly happy, non-shedding, curly, loving and affectionate poodles - just as any other wellbred poodle.


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Above: Niko - silver merle Lanie son in Germany 

 Below: Tweeter - an Emmarie daughter, now in OR.